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Learn Spanish with native speakers
while visiting nearby amazing natural places.

Amazing experience that you will feel at home.
Online, in a group, one-on-one or special classes.
Take classes with native Spanish speaking professors.
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Three reasons to study with us

profesional teachers

Professional teachers with years of experience teaching Spanish to foreign students. We offer a free "demo" class to all new students.

interactive classes

Interactive classes that allows you to learn at your own pace with a flexible schedule throughout the year. HablarNow offers a free "demo" class to all new students.

extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities to help you learn Spanish in a fun way such as afternoon movies, conversational classes, and charade days.

What our students said

Morris Sneor Review
Morris Sneor

Giselle (Teacher) adopts a pragmatic approach to education, which proves to be unique and effective. She organizes topics around their practical use, focusing on settings such as restaurants, banks, hospitals, airports, etc. This approach enhances the learning experience

Robert Gil Review
Robert Gil

The teachers are friendly and intelligent, 100 percent good. No bull p**p.
Money well invested!

Brian McKey Review
Brian Mckey

When I began, I had no previous experience with the Spanish language. The few words I knew were often used incorrectly or out of context. Without the foundation from my teacher Tamara’s classes, I wouldn’t have progressed to where I am now. I am very pleased with my progress.

An amazing natural experience!

What is better than learning Spanish while sharing cultural experiences with local people and visiting nearby beautiful places. We are located in Chiriquí province, one of the best places in Panamá to visit for its natural attractions such as beaches, mountains and wild animals. We are located fifteen minutes from Boquete and the city of David, and only thirty minutes from the beautiful mountain town of Volcan. There are many other amazing towns throughout the Chiriqui Province to visit which are full of culture and fun.

After your Spanish class, why not take time to have an amazing experience and visit some of the attractions in our area?. We will be happy to book you a tour. Here are a few suggestions:

Volcan Chiriqui, Panamá


One of the most visited places in Chiriquí, with many tourists’ attractions for this area. Volcan is the region where most of Panamá vegetables are grown and where you can a sleeping volcano, more than five hundred varieties of flowers, animals, lagoons, thermal wells, waterfalls, walking trails, rivers, and lakes. We will be happy to book your tour.

Places to see: Aras Cerro Punta, Volcan Barú mountain top, Hotel Bambito gardens, Finca Drácula, Thunder waterfall, Macho Monte waterfalls, and more…

Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama


If you like more guided activities like rafting, bicycle and walking trail tours, and a lot of different sightseeing options, Boquete is your place. Also, most of the staying options for tourists are here.

Places to see: Parque de la Biblioteca, Valle Escondido, Los Ladrillos. Canguilones de Gualaca, Bird sighting tours, butterfly garden, more…

David, Chiriqui, Panama


A middle city with more than 40,0000 people and all of the regular city commodities, most of the shopping stores, and all kinds of food options are here. You could take a bus and reach the beach, rivers or any other place from here.

Places to see: Enrique Malek Airport, La Barqueta Beach, Chiriquí River, Federall Mall (Movie theater and big shopping stores), Big Supermarkets, Bus terminals, Public Pools, Miguel de Cervantes Saveedra park, Ovaldia museu, more…

Meet us!

We are a group of Spanish teachers graduated and trained from the very popular Habla Ya Spanish School, and we have been teaching people who have decided to come to Panama, specifically to the province of Chiriquí, of all ages and from many different countries for the last 10 years and we have decided to create our school called Hablar Now.
We have helped our students understand our language while learning our cultural heritage and enjoying visiting our closest natural attractions. Many came for the first time but fell in love with the peace and culture of our beautiful country and decided to stay here for life. Over the years, many of them have become more than just students: they have become friends and family.

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